How I Install My Closure Wigs ( Super Easy) Mini How-To

How I Install My Closure Wigs ( Super Easy) Mini How-To

Hello my Loves! This is just a quick mini tutorial on how I install my closure crowns on my head from day to day! Super Simple nothing too fancy. I wanted to make my introductory onto Youtube so I could get you Queens on your way to slaying your crown like a pro!

My videos will be between 3- 8 minutes only because I have a super short attention span and if you're on the go like me you don't have alot of time to get the hacks but you have about 5 to 10 minutes and I want you to give you the juiciest parts during that short period of time I have your attention so you can be well on your way to slaying!

I PROMISE.. Every Sunday at NOON!  I'll post more videos on the prep work, like how I do my swoops, how I lay my frontal! How I wash my crowns! what products I use etc. Subscribe to QUEEN MAIL to be the first to know when new tutorials come out! My Queens will have access to videos early!

If you have any questions! don't hesitate to ask below! I'm more than happy to help!

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