5 Questions to ask yourself before purchasing a wig, part 1

5 Questions to ask yourself before purchasing a wig, part 1

Hey guys! I decided to blog about the top 5 question to ask yourself before purchasing a wig because I had so many questions about which wigs to get and why? And frankly that’s an awesome question! I have a series of questions that I ask to make sure I’m suggesting the perfect wig for each and every member of our Glam Society and there Are my top 5. It’s important to ask these questions so you can make the best decision when it comes to your hair extensions. Keep reading as I explain each question, and if you happen to have questions or concerns feel free to leave a comment 🔥

1. Sizing
What is your head Size? Have you measured your head before? Do you know your circumference? choosing the correct size wig makes the difference on whether your wig will stay on or off. Lol it’s as simple as that. Whether it’ll be secure or not, buckle or scrunch.
(At glamlife we pride ourselves in being able to offer a one size fits most option that can be adjusted to fit sizes 21-22.5, coupled with our quick grip bands it makes for an amazing fitting Crown/wig)
If it’s too big it will scrunch and look wiggie, if it’s too small it’ll cause headaches or won’t even fit at all and we don’t want that. We want it to be as flat and as natural as possible! Want to know how to check for the perfect fit?
The perfect fitting wig will allow you to swing your hair back and forth and the wig will stay on without sliding forward or backwards.
2. Does the color you’re choosing look good on you?
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a client see a photo with amazing color and order a wig only to try it on and not like it on them. It’s not about what looks good on others, it’s about what looks good on YOU, yes you HOT STUFF! so Choose colors that compliment your skin tone. It’s imperative? not only so you don’t waste your money on a wig you’ll never wear but also, so you can feel your most confident, if you don’t like your hair , you are not at your best and if you’re not at your best you can’t give your best and I personally want you to feel , look and do your best at all times. I mean! We are women, we make the world go round and we might as well do it In a stylish, confident way.

3. Is this wig for Everyday or special occasion?
This is probably one of the most important questions. If this is your first wig or you’re looking for something for EVERYDAY, I always STRONGLY suggest you go for a more classic, everyday style. classic cuts and colors are a must as a first time wig wearer so you are able to transition from date night to weddings to pta meetings and everything in between.
Also so i can kind of Expand on this, make sure your first wig is something that looks like YOU ,
not Halle berry not the Instagram model,
we can derive inspiration from everywhere but remember to stay true to yourself and choose something that fits your everyday lifestyle. something that you can wear with 70/80 percent of your closet, something you can wear to work or out with friends for drinks.
( our jasmine and arianna wigs, or Nicole and Ava wigs are perfect wigs for first time wig wearers and truly stand the test of time)
Now if you’re looking for special occasion, what’s the occasion? Wedding? Vacay with bae? I suggest bolder colors and maybe something out of your norm. Only because it’s time to have fun with this one, special occasions allow you to wear wigs a accessory and not an accessory so have fun and go for it !

4.How much time to have to style your hair?
Uhhh the dreaded question? How much time do you have? Seriously, this determines the type of wig you need, whether closure, frontal or full lace each wig requires a different type of maintenance which means it requires a certain amount of time to keep your wig looking as natural as possible.
If you are a single mom, college student, new entrepreneur whose over worked and only have 5 minutes to do hair, because you barely sleep let alone can do your hair . you’ll need a certain type of wig to fit your life style.
Or if you’re a stay at home mom who has 30-40 minutes to get ready and can take your time you have more options. Figure out how much time you have and that will determine which wig style is best for you.

5.length!! Yass!! So how long do you want it? what looks good on your face shape? 

It may seem like a simple question but it can make or break your look. Do you want it to your shoulders or Collar bone? Bra strap? Chin length? Mid back? Tail bone? where do you want your hair to lay? and what length looks good on you? there are questions you have to ask yourself when picking length, does this length go with your lifestyle? do you have small children who like to tug and pull? do you work around heavy machinery? or are you pretty carefree and can wear whatever you want whenever? 

check back on the academy for more blogs and videos, we will be showing a comparison video of the lengths so you're able to make better decisions with your wig.

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