Fighting Depression During Covid-19 Mental Health Check

Fighting Depression During Covid-19 Mental Health Check
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 So much has gone on in so little time, i wanted to come out today and offer a mental check to you! So many emotions are going on and some of us are in a panic some of us are suprisingly calm and some of us are so so. So I simply ask,

How are you doing?

I wanted to give you guys 3 tips on fighting depression/anxiety during this time, coming from someone who struggled with depression/ anxiety the past 2 years. Actually since i started the online portion of my business and it got so popular so fast, that’s what started my anxiety and depression.

i figured I would give you guys some tips on what i do to calm myself and get myself out of the dark. It’s so easy to look at this covid-19 shut down as a negative but i try my best to look at the positive as much as possible and i hope you will too, because nothing is permanent, this is only temporary, only a chapter in your life not the entire book. I don’t want you to lose sight of the bigger picture.


Step one: Stay active & exercise

          I can’t tell you how something as simple as jumping rope in the house for cardio has helped to calm my anxiety and clear my head. Don’t get stuck on the couch , get moving, as you begin to sweat and release all that stress you have built up, that anxiety and depression goes away too! Something about disciplining your mind and body to push past temporary pain for long term gains. Because that’s basically what you’re doing. Not only are you exercising your brain but your body as well and you’ll see a physical change that no one can take away from you

          Below I’ll insert a quick 30 minute workout that i do that doesn’t require anything but your body weight. I’m not a trainer so this is just what i do. I’m not responsible to any injuries lol sorry I have to say that, legal purposes!


10 minutes of jumping rope 

3 reps of 20 jumping jacks 

3 reps of 20 high knees 

3 reps of 20 girl pushups 

4 reps of 20 kick backs ( 40 for each leg alternating) 

3 reps of 20 air squats 

3 reps of 20 crunches 

3- 30 second planks 

And i finish off with a few stretching exercises 

          Tip 2: Journaling writtting down my thoughts has helped me in so many ways, especially when it seemed as though I couldn’t talk to anyone, you know what i mean? When i had times i thought people wouldn’t understand. Someone once told me, people forget, paper doesn’t. Get a private journal and write down your thoughts, your concerns, get it off your chest, hand it over to the pen and paper, you’ll be pleasantly surprised on how much better you feel, if journaling isn’t your thing try reading,Word puzzles or coloring books, sounds silly? But it works, you can print off word puzzles and adult coloring pages off google or grab your favorite book title and get in there honey!!! Ive recently thought about investing in a kindle paper white so i can read on the go, if you have one drop in the comments how you like yours. 

          Tip 3: Listen to Calming music or meditate i do a combination of both. I like to listen to Sabrina Claudio or Myles Munroe on youtube or 90s r&b playlists. sometimes life gets so hard i just cant deal, i can’t talk, I cant think, I can just BE. And ill just pop in my headphones lay on the floor, and imagine myself in another space, ill lay there and think of all the amazing things i want to achieve, NOTHING negative can come in this space. I say to myself,


Put on your favorite playlist, close your eyes, concentrate on your breathing and talk AND listen to your creator, or whomever you do or don’t believe in. I can’t tell you how many times i have been in such a mood only music or meditation can help! 


Alright HOT STUFF , be safe, take care of yourself and ill talk to you guys next time!


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