The more I lose weight the more I realize it's more of a mental battle than anything. Mental health is so important when doing anything life changing! Including but not limited to, weight loss, your career, your romantic relationships, and your friendships! Anything really!! It's so important to remain positive, focused, motivated, and disciplined throughout this journey or any journey for that matter!!

But how it has related to my weight loss is def a subject I want to talk to you guys about!

Nobody tells you when you lose weight, your body may be changing but your mentality is the same!! Seeing yourself change so quickly sometimes your mind can't catch up.

For me, I have to constantly take pictures of progress just so I can really see that I've LOST 80lbs!. But it doesn't always feel that way! I still navigate to the plus size section even though I honestly know I can't wear them anymore.

My friend went shopping with me, (because I literally have nothing in my closet that fits and I refuse to buy anything except for workout clothes until I reach my goal weight, 140-160) and asked me, "why did you go over to the plus size section when you can't wear any of those items". And I replied, "because that's all I know". I've been overweight almost my entire life so that was my normal size so that's where I go. Now I'm molding this new body and getting this new shape and I honestly don't know how to dress it!

Another mental thing I struggle with is the amount of food I can actually eat! I literally take bites of food and I'm full and I have to wait 15-20 minutes to take more bites of food so that I can try to consume the 1400 calories per day I'm supposed to get in. I mentally have to override what my eyes are seeing! My eyes are like you have to eat what's on your plate but my mind is like no, only a few bites that's all you can handle. I'll literally throw my food away once I feel that I am full before I take more bite. Sometimes it's the only way to discipline myself. Because of course I'm not going to dig through the trash to get it.

It's also hard to enjoy food with others because you see them consuming so much food and you have to stop yourself and wait and everyone's kind of looking at you wondering why you're not eating anywhere near the same amount. I didn't realize until I had the surgery how much alot of our everyday activities are surround by food! From family time to the salon, to dates, to going to the movies, to sporting events. Alot of group settings revolve around food! For example, when we finished my little sisters recital today the first thing I thought about was, what are we going to eat?, or at a basketball game you may want to grab a hot dog or chips and a drink so you may sit down and enjoy the game! So many things center around food!

You have to be mentally prepared to say no under the pressure and say no when you're put into situations where you are the odd man out. You have to mentally prepare yourself to look out for cues when you are hungry and stop when you are full. That's for both people who have had the sleeve and people who don't. Portion sizing is so important. To sustain the weight loss and to keep seeing results you have to have a healthy mental state! 

Family and your mental state are important as well. Having a support system during this time is so important! Even if it's just one person! The more weight you lose the more unwanted opinions you'll receive. The more negativity you'll receive as well. You'll also receive a lot of positivity too!! But from some of the most unlikely people! It may not even be your family or close friends who give you positive feedback! I tried to mentally prepare myself before surgery for the opinions. but you'll never be super prepared for some of the dumb shit people feel they can say! People feel the need to tell you, "oh you're getting TOO skinny," or "why did you have surgery?" or "you want to be 140? that's small I don't think you would look good that small". Push comes to shove! Remember their opinion DOES NOT matter! Do not let people get to you about your decision to lose weight and better yourself!! If you want to be 140 and a b cup fitting in a size small! That's your goal! KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE! Do what's best for you and fuck what anybody else says!

Side note: Everyday is not going to be perfect! I'm not always motivated to go to the gym. Sometimes I want a cookie and cakes. It's not about being perfect. Sometimes I just want to fucking scream and cry because I'm too stressed to even handle life or I've worked so many hours that day I can't even fathom working out even 2 minutes!! Let alone 30 minutes or an hour! But I do it anyway! I honestly try my best to make the right decision about my health at least 90% of the time. I constantly remind myself that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and if I really want to see that light I have to remain disciplined because the only person I'm cheating is myself! I have affirmation quotes on my phone. On sticky notes in my room. I search uplifting quotes to make me feel better on days I get discouraged! Do whatever you have to do to keep yourself motivated!! Because like I said before it's a mental battle before it's anything!! 

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Linda Allder

Linda Allder

This is so helpful. I was not overweight most of my life but a very stressful job and relationship took a toll on mental state past year w Covid and food was comfort and all things I loved like gym haulted. When your not in a good space mentally it affects so much. Your post is so comforting and knowing you can relate and was successful to become healthier motivated me! Thank you…

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