Our Story


The Journey to GlamLife Beauty
GlamLife Beauty started with a dream…
A dream to have no less than a lackluster experience when visiting a salon to get the hair done!
As a child, my visits to beauty salons were cold and nothing more than disappointment where I was treated just as another number, another client.
My hair was healthy, thick, and long, but my experience was "meh." It made me realize that hairdressers have the power to make or break confidence.
From that experience, the dream was born - to give women the exotic experience, and make them feel pretty and confident because every woman is a diva.
As a hairstylist, I ensured that every woman sitting in our glitz chair felt like a queen.
From being a hairstylist to becoming a celebrity wig maker, I realized the need to expand the unique queen-like experience to women all across the globe.
Thus came the inception of GlamLife Beauty…